Thank you. 29.07.2011

Library ticket pockets, tags, labels, envelopes, dividers & rolodex cards; a new batch of thank you cards to be wrapped in orders. Our week is done, have a lovely weekend!

Happy friday.

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Bake off. 28.07.2011

We first spotted this range in Copenhagen, when it was just flour. Now they have biscuits and other good things for eating. If the packaging was edible we would down that too. Designed by Mega (pics via below the clouds) .

Go Dutch.

For a massive collection of old, inspiring Dutch graphic design please head here. You will need to invoice yourself for loss of earnings afterwards, it’s that big. (via but does it float).

On the spot. 27.07.2011

Marian Neviero used everyday sticky dots to produce this colour coded series. Thanks Marian, they’re very nice. More here.


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Gratuitous matchbox label post. 26.07.2011

No other words necessary.

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Push the envelope.

See this, it’s our favourite thing to do with an envelope. After opening one to find a prize. Kristiina Alahde propels the humble letter carrier into a whole new stratosphere.

A chromance. 25.07.2011

Here are two very useful sites that organise things by colour, we love them both equally. Perfect if you’re a bit O.C.D. Hereslookingathue & False Arms. Bookmarked!

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Perfect delivery.

Sarah, of fame, visited on friday. She brought biscuits from down the road, some envelopes from Estonia & a paper cup from the trans-Siberian railway. They are fine specimens as you can see. The biscuits are no longer available for documentation.

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Super supplies. 22.07.2011

A collection of vintage illustrations depicting office supplies. This is the sort of thing we read at bedtime. Click image for loads more! (via junkculture).

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