Gone to pot. 31.08.2011

Vases with an everyday hardware bent. Porcelain cleaning bottles by the ceramics company Middle Kingdom & drainpipe vases constructed by the always fun 101 woonideeën.

Want. 30.08.2011

Want x 100000000. via Marchand Doublis.


We’ve found heaven, it’s in Venice.

The Olivetti Showroom in Venice was commissioned in the late ’50s and designed by Carlo Scarpa. Just recently it was restored to its former glory and houses a collection of typewriters & calculators. Great building + office type things = school trip. Want to come? we’ll book a coach. (pics via coolhunter/okolo).

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Eraser of the Century. 26.08.2011

Simply the best eraser in the world. Not only does it resemble a flag but each section is for a different writing instrument. This is old. The petition starts now to bring it back!

Categories: Old things. Stationery

A friday cocktail.

If you do one thing this weekend please make sure it’s making a confetti martini. Via colormekatie.

Game on. 24.08.2011

Old peg game cards. It looks like a happy town.

Bela Kolarova.

Intricate arrangements and photograms of buttons, razor blades, clips and pins by Czech artist Bela Kolarova.

Categories: Art & craft.

A perfect arrangement. 23.08.2011

The prolific Kjell Varvin arranges ‘insignificant objects’ in his studio and takes photos of the arrangements. Aren’t they marvellous? Yes, they are.

Categories: Art & craft.

Shape up.

The pictures won’t blow you away but the supply of free nets might do. Churn out a polyhedra in no time with this useful site.

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Raw Colour.

Raw Colour are a Dutch collective who experiment with simple colour and shape in a variety of fun and interesting ways. Their series ‘Flow’ ,paint charts on electric drills, is especially nice. The ‘This is Basic’ series features chunky blocks of coloured paper. What’s not to like?