Good wood. 22.08.2011

Like a great big pile of logs, this is the most perfect cabin ever. We would like to serve customers from the windows, with bags of erasers, pencils and the like. Designed by Piet Hein Eek.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.


Ravishing boxes maketh a monday. Old clips, pins, glitter (we’re saving this for C*******s) & correction tape.  Some of these will be making an appearance on the shelves this week.

Ken-structivism. 19.08.2011

Yesterday we discovered Kenneth Martin, an abstract painter/sculptor from Sheffield. In the 70s he produced this series of striped paintings. Striking and colourful with a hint of electrical insulating tape. Thanks Ken.

Categories: Art & craft.

Airheads. 18.08.2011

Airheads are kits of paper pieces with which you can turn a balloon into your favourite animal. Will raise a smile, as well as a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment. Super nice. By Hector Serrano pics via dezeen.

Categories: Kids

Apartamento 17.08.2011

You can always rely on Apartamento to make you look at something differently. Every issue has a great shoot using everyday objects, or materials, in a snazzy new way. Here we have bricks, glasses of water and wood. Never let us use the word ‘snazzy’ again.

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Closet case. 16.08.2011

Pastoe give good cupboard. Want x 1000000.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Esquire Cookbook; 1955 15.08.2011

The Esquire Cookbook ,published in 1955, is a hefty tome full of slightly dubious recipes but fun illustrations by Charmatz. Here’s a tasting menu, the french duck and angry rabbit are favourites.

Categories: Books Old things.

A happy landing. 11.08.2011

You could happily lose several hours in this treasure trove of airline ephemera. It’s a first class flight of graphics, type & colour. Enjoy!

Desk Set of the Week.

Should we ever see this briefcase/desk set in real life it is likely we would faint. Thanks Tomas Kral, it’s amazing.

Taken to Tasca. 10.08.2011

Today we discovered Alessio Tasca and his beautiful mid century ceramics. He produced some desktop items that we are particular taken with. That ceramic desk organiser is marvellous and those bookends are something else (images via Pinterest & Google).