Stick to the script. 27.09.2011

An extensive Flickr set of mid-century script on sign, labels, posters etc. Thanks @neiljgower.

NSFW: Calculator porn.

Not sure if this is real, but not really bothered because it’s dreamy. via real tomato.


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Iran do Espírito Santo. 23.09.2011

A very welcome discovery, Iran do Espírito Santo. Everyday forms made more precious through materials and by being taken out of their original context. Who knew a circular piece of brick wall could be so appealing? Iran did, that’s why we like him.

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We’re very happy this friday to find an incredible collection of old german toys. Carpark models, houses, board games & bikes. Oodles of great graphics, buildings and packaging. Bookmarked!

How to hibernate. 22.09.2011

This is a public service broadcast, given that it was dark at 19.15 today we thought a hibernation guide might be welcome. Paws are optional.

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Pencil works.

Today we saw this very brilliant pencil set. Currently a one off, it consists of brass fittings which turn the pencils into a magnifying glass, knife, eraser, file, saw, spirit level etc. So nicely made and super useful too. By staff & pupils from Northumbria University.

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Susan Collis. 21.09.2011

The work of Susan Collis is mind blowing. She creates everyday items & scenes using precious materials. This bag is made of graph paper and coloured in using a biro. Other favourites include solid gold screws, blankets embroidered with silver to look like paint spatter & old pieces of wood inlaid with brass splinters. More here & here

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A perfect match.

New on our ephemera shelf, matchboxes containing super matchbox labels. All old, all different, all very nice.

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Hot desk.

A fantasy office set up courtesy of a brilliant auction site which specialises in classics of the design variety, Wright 20. Must get a lottery ticket.

Eva Berendes. 20.09.2011

Silk hangings by German artist Eva Berendes nod to flags, shields & constructivism. Represented by Jacky Strenz.


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