Tied up. 31.10.2011

This is a wonderful idea for a homemade bow tie. Cut up an old book and bind in the centre with a piece of leather or fabric. via no aesthetic.


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Carlos Bevilacqua.

Brazilian artist Carlos makes smashing sculptures reminiscent of atomic models, gyroscopes & orreries. See more here & here.

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Happy Halloween!

Have fun trick or treating. Here is a brilliant knit.

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Win! 28.10.2011

Post up your guess. 1st prize wins one of these & a trick or treat paper pack. 2nd prize wins a stamp. Winner picked at random. Fangs for taking part!

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Lego pumpkin.

Make a Lego pumpkin this Halloweekend. Not so good in a soup.

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Very short films.

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Spaced out. 27.10.2011

Take one giant leap for mankind and visit this super retro blog of vintage space books. There are lots of nice illustrations and out there predictions of future space stations.


Random fun over at Microwhat. Before and after experiments of things in a microwave! Whilst on the subject here are two microwave recipes for you:

1: Put cornflakes in a bowl, scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top, microwave for around a 2 minutes, let cool. EAT.

2: Put Hula Hoops in a bowl, grated cheddar on top, microwave for around 40 secs, let cool. Sprinkle with Tabasco. EAT (it’s a cheesy HH biscuit!!)

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Design for nerds. 26.10.2011

If you would like to get us a Christmas present, for services to stationery, then any of these would be nice. Thank you.

Crappy taxidermy.

It’s Halloween soon. Crappy Taxidermy is all sorts of petrifying.

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