Full board. 26.10.2011

Another Tallin find. The spinner is a winner.

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Victoria Reichelt 24.10.2011

Victoria paints piles of books and magazines. We like these things, and we like paint too. It’s a no brainer.

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Sweet play.

This chocolate building system is genius, it’s Willy Wonka territory. The interchangeable base is the nicest element but overall it looks very pretty. via mapping the marvellous.

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A free ticket.

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Hair today. 21.10.2011

An alphabet of facial hair. One for the gents, and bearded ladies. Perfect for mo-vember. Via full table.

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Automated colour field.

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Nike Savvas.

Australian artist Nike Savvas took a ball of string and just did it. A nice discovery for a friday.


Categories: Art & craft. Pattern.

Play & display. 20.10.2011

Geometric terrariums and modern takes on the display case. Yes please to all. By 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Sausages in space, gammon lighthouses and more meaty collages here.

Who’s a pretty polly?

The prettiest pollies in ‘The Incomplete Dictionary of Showbirds’ by Luke Stephenson.

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