Occupational Gifts. 30.11.2011

Part of an exhibition outlining the history of kindergarten, and the toys created by Norman Brosterman. We’d like all of them please. More here.

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I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

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Lord of the rings. 29.11.2011

Incredible rings by Okinari Kurokawa.


For more lugagge labels than your average carousel please visit this site. Big & useful.

Xavier Barrade.

Xavier Barrade’s giant graphs would make a wonderful play area for kids who love maths. And us.

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On a high. 28.11.2011

Nino Malfatti’s beautiful series of mountain-scapes is worth checking out. Perfect for this time of year!

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Stationery porn.

When we’re feeling down or troubled pictures of stationery always cheer us up. By Johnny Miller.

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Blots to see.

A blog devoted to ‘les buvards’ old French promotional blotters, many of which were beautifully illustrated.


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Top table 25.11.2011

Anja Mulder’s table top collections are beautifully arranged delights.


Weave your way (ii).

A fine specimen of a paper weaving exercise book from France, 1950s.

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