Happy friday. 25.11.2011

Houses with faces via The Age.

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Things to Learn.

Meccano Pins. 24.11.2011

Swoon! By Lorenzo Bravi . Check out his Ikea project too. Printing from flat pack pieces. Lovely indeed.

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Vincent Kohler

Nice oil paintings of screws & drills. Check out Vincent’s sculptures too, they’re a lot of fun with a definite nod to Koons.

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Lava-ly colours. 23.11.2011

A surprisingly lovely set of volcanic geological maps. Amazing colours. Via designformankind

Flat club.

CSA Flatfile is our new favourite place to hang out, after the Post Office & the reduced items aisle. Cropped vintage graphics updated daily, what’s not to like!

Britain. 22.11.2011

And her resources. Via.

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School trip.

Let’s go to this abandoned school in Russia with a big truck and a flask of soup.

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Radical Cartography.

A great site for old maps, plans, census graphs & more.

Top tiles. 21.11.2011

It’s been around a while but finally will be ready for purchase in 2012. Too clever by far. By Klaas Kuiken.