Happy camping? 15.12.2011

A useful code for distressed campers. Additional items should include: we need loo roll, no torch & bring bacon please. Via fulltable.

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The answer in our competition was B. Rudolf has a red nose, it guides our sleigh tonight. Thank you for all of your entries! The winners are:1st prize to Vuctoria. 2nd prize to AileenOD. Please get in touch if this is you!

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Sad Toys.

Sad Toys by K Nicol make us happy.


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Cloud of the Week. 13.12.2011

Via no aesthetic.

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Part & Parcel. 12.12.2011

Part & Parcel make the nicest videos. Here are some old classics, and a new one.

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Chopping board of the Week.

Slice your bread and feed the birds. Love it!

Korbel Bowers.

Korbel Bowers clearly knows his way around a palette & geometry set.

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Win! 09.12.2011

Who nose the answer? Post it up! 1st prize: a P&C selection box (cracker, stapler, notebook, chocs & more). 2nd prize: £10 voucher. Winner picked at random.
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Bags of fun. 08.12.2011

Building Block do a mean tassel. And a superb bag to match.

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A great site for vintage travel brochure graphics. It’s called Travel Brochure Graphics.