Leadholder. 25.01.2012

An online drafting pencil museum. Full of pencils, ads & catalogues. This is a fine example.



By Virgin Honey.

Categories: Just because.

Do Not Disturb.

Visit here for a collection of Do Not Disturb signs from around the world. Some old, some new, some nice, some less so.

Categories: Graphics. Old things.

Small Elephants. 24.01.2012

A fabric designed in 1975 for Heals, by Neil Bradburn. Via V&A.


Rabbit with Curlers.

By Nancy Fouts.

Nathalie Du Pasquier.

Nathalie’s sculptures are like little rooms & dioramas of very neat spaces.

Categories: Art & craft.

Trollied. 23.01.2012

Beautiful, useful carts for play & display. By La Clinica & Ilot.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Maskull Lasserre

Stacks of books framed. A brilliantly simple idea which you could do on your walls. By.

Categories: Art & craft. Books

Light fantastic. 19.01.2012

Pendant lamps currently being coveted. Work by Michael Anastassiades &  Bec Brittain.


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