Marine Hugonnier. 23.02.2012

Marine obscured images in various newspapers, using collages of Ellsworth Kelly’s work. The results should be published on newsstands daily.

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Symphony No. 4

Best album cover ever. Via Project 33.

On your marks. 22.02.2012

The new Matthew Marks Gallery in L.A is based on a painting by the splendid Ellsworth Kelly. The building is the one on the left.

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The things that dreams are made of.

via Freaky Fauna.

Just our type.

Alfred R Wepf has an enviable collection of old typewriter ribbon tins. Here are two of them. For more click here.

Montreal ’67. 21.02.2012

Animal icons from the ’67 Expo in Montreal. Designed by Burton Kramer.

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Wheely nice.

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Stitch in time.

From the Netherlands an old cross stitch pattern book. It’s a corker! You can view it all by searching for ‘Borduur-Patronen’ right here.

John Clappison. 20.02.2012

John Clappison was a prolific designer of ceramics, mainly for Hornsea Pottery, during the 60s & 70s. This is our collection of his illustrated mugs. There are many to get, but are getting rarer & pricier! We use them daily because they make ones tea taste better.

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The language of flowers.

via r-hamdan on Flickr.