Pins of the Week. 27.07.2012

Brass, copper & steel pins cut into shapes inspired by industry. By Branch.

Categories: Stationery

Imi Knoebel.

‘Knoebel’s work has conjoined painting, sculpture, and architecture, culminating in the purist investigation of space, picture support and color of his recent works’ – more here.

Categories: Art & craft.

Wendy House. 26.07.2012

A concept building for Weston Super Mare, by Studio Weave.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Bending & Fixing.

Categories: Books Graphics.

Anthony Zinonos.

Anthony does a cracking collage. Current favourites are these spectrum ones made from various ephemera organised by colour. Need.

Categories: Art & craft. Graphics.


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Scans from The function of colour in factories, schools & hospitals; 1930 25.07.2012

Categories: Books Buildings & rooms.

Sophisticated geometry.

A new book from the always excellent Raw Color. Sophisticated Geometry is folds, stripes, shapes of coloured stock. Like a top shelf magazine for paper fiends.

Pictures with Gummed Paper, 1962. 24.07.2012

Geoff McFetridge.

Oh how these still make us laugh. Thanks Geoff.

Categories: Animation & film