Carte de Nuances. 29.10.2012

An old ribbon colour sample card from 1970, see the rest here.

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Century of the Child. 26.10.2012

If we could go to New York tomorrow the first thing we would do is go see the Century of the Child exhibition at MOMA. Classic design for kids from around the world, it looks marvellous.

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The price is right.

Our new jotter comes with 11 oversized price stickers, so you can decorate & label your gridded book. It also has loop staples so you can put it in your ring binder. If you like price stickers you might also like this Flickr group.

The doors of Tallinn. 25.10.2012

Tallinn is a great, cheap weekend away. You can find good things in the markets, eat dumplings & marvel at their splendid doors. Photos by us, them, here and also from Wikimedia.

Index collection.

Raw Color continue to spoil us, this time with a new range of ‘colour index’ tea towels. Too nice for pans.

The Invariants.

A fun series of vases using jars, concrete, blocks of wood and nice shapes. Via Artnau.

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Omar, oh my. 24.10.2012

Omar Sosa celebrates everyday things in the loveliest of ways, we’re especially enjoying these kitchen robots. And his classic glasses with coloured water.

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Tata Naka.

Missing seams by Tata Naka.

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Another candlestick holder. 23.10.2012

Very nice candlestick holders with wooden containers attached. By.

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Richard Rezac.

More here.

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