Grout and proud. 26.02.2013

The British Tiles from the 1950s onwards collections is so good. You might also like their Portuguese cousins.

Polygonal Sine Waves. 25.02.2013

Thanks Iain Claridge. You might also like these.

Gae Aulenti.

“Rimorchiadore” is an excellent lamp.

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Things we found in Paris.

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Pat Shannon. 22.02.2013

Pat slices up newspapers until they’re a more beautiful ghost of their former self.

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Peter Nencini. 21.02.2013

It’s always great to see new work from the excellent Mr Nencini.

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Textile Design: A practical composition for the construction of new designs. 1898

This is a great book.

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Bored of the cold?

Invest in a full length body jumper. By.

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Whatever the weather.

A modern weather vane by Dean Brown.

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