Now available. 31.07.2013

The beautiful Plissé folder now comes in A5.

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Hold on.

A series of candle holders designed by Jorge (not of Asda).

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A collection of old Dutch posters celebrating Book Week. More here.

Q. What happened in your birth year? 30.07.2013


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Frequent manipulations of insignificant objects.

This site is an all time favourite. Still going strong with a new installation almost every day! Prolific.

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Pigment, oil, macro lens

A colourful little film by Ruslan Khasanov. Via Artnau.

Box frisch. 26.07.2013

Mid century packaging from Switzerland. Lots more here. WOW.

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New things.

Available now.

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Dulux pudding. 25.07.2013

Our friend Emily has worked wonders with Dulux paint. Yes, paint. Not ice cream.

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Fun times. 24.07.2013

We have a small number of these fun pencil boxes which feature a handy times table caculator. Pretty & educational.

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