Fantasy Christmas List. 28.11.2013

An Alexander Gerard swatch archive. Here.

Shoe of the Week.

Who doesn’t need a Christmas pudding flat? No one.

Categories: Wearables.

Peter Nencini (ii) 26.11.2013

Peter Nencini never fails to delight, and induce envy!

Categories: Art & craft.

Save face.

Faces made of various office accoutrement. By Philip Karlberg.

Berry nice.

A vase resembling berries on a twig. By.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Mirror mirror. 25.11.2013

A mirrored shed in the middle of the desert. By Philip K Smith.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Scans from Advent Chain of Stars (1963)

Categories: Books Graphics.

Winter Wardrobe. Done. 24.11.2013

Bauhaus ballet costume by Oskar Schlemmer.


Concrete & brass objects, new from Superdave.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Dom Sylvester Hou├ędard.

Typewriter art/poetry.