Book Gradient. 19.12.2013


Categories: Books

God’s Gift.

Gift boxes which make a little village around your Christmas tree. By Christine Girard.

Categories: Graphics. Packaging.

Bread winner.

Christmas packaging for Panera Bread, whatever that is, by Willoughby. Lovely!

Categories: Graphics. Packaging.

Alison Turnbull.

Work inspired by graph paper, star charts and maps. It’s been nice to supply some papers to Alison and they are currently on show at the De Le Warr Pavilion

Categories: Art & craft.

A general order.

By Ying Sun.

Categories: Art & craft.

Joan Saló

Knows how to use a set of felt tip pens.

Categories: Art & craft.

Two simple hair styles to try this Christmas.

Categories: Just because.

Watch the birdie. 16.12.2013

Old bird cards from here.

Weekend Project. 14.12.2013

Make some giant baubles from round balloons, silver card & string. Love!

Coen Vernooij. 13.12.2013

Elegant, linear structures by.


Categories: Art & craft.