The Chromatic Diet. 29.01.2014

From now on we are only eating colour coded dinners. Like Sophie Calle.

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Courting. 28.01.2014

Pleasing palettes in this series of basketball courts.

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Succulent Grid.

via happy mundane.

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If you liked MacPaint in 1984 then click here.

Neat. 24.01.2014

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Julie Cockburn.

Embroidered photos with names like Bubble Hill. There’s nothing not to like.

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Handwriting Day.

For Handwriting Day why not analyse your own, using these handy guides.

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Once upon a time… 23.01.2014

… in Germany, there was a series of stamps based on classic Fairy Tales. Lo & behold for here they are. Also available to buy very soon.




Tomoko Sakumoto.

The majestic, geomtric ceramics of Tomoko Sakumoto.

Plan A.

Our letterpress planner is back.

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