Rémy Jacquier. 27.06.2015

Rémy makes buildings which are instruments, as well as various other fantasy structures which we would be happy to reside in.

Alphabet Logo.

An incredible new book of 535 letter based logos. All for £8!

Najia Mehadji.

Big swooping brush strokes, and nothing more. Site here.

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Love wins!

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Cardboard America.

A huge collection of old postcards, arranged by state.


Take Out.

Springfields Signs.

We love this Tumblr of the signs which have appeared in The Simpsons. Much chuckle!

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Wholesale. 25.06.2015

If you would like to stock P&C products in your store then do get in touch! Email us for details.

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Eee by gum. 24.06.2015

A blog dedicated to old Japanese gum wrappers.

Build up.

Via the Kid Book Museum, your one stop shop for old Russian childrens books.