Stationery Shoes. 25.01.2020

Made by artist Nicole McLaughlin

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Strip club. 17.01.2020

Strips of vinyl hung over central wooden batons. Derrick Velasquez.

derrick1 derrick2 derrick3

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Baguette Chair. 06.01.2020


Spruced up. 01.12.2019

Michael Johansson’s Christmas Trees are as lovely has the rest of his oeuvre.

tree1 tree2 tree3

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Klas Ernflo. 15.11.2019

We love Klas’s paintings of abstract shapes and colours. His new work is inspired by anoraks! On show in LA now.

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Colour Aid.

Back in stock! 314 deep, matt pigmented papers in a box.


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Mary Ellen Bartley. 08.11.2019

Mary collects old books & arranges them in satisfying strata of colour.

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Hue love it. 02.11.2019

Heidi Gustafson is a pigment collector, and her Instagram feed is a dream.


BRIC. 11.10.2019

A new show from Nathalie du Pasquier for Mutina. An homage to the brick.

nathalie-du-pasquier-mutina-10 nathalie-du-pasquier-mutina-11nathalie-du-pasquier-mutina-12e nathalie-du-pasquier-mutina-13 Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 15.32.36

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Flowers (1929) 24.09.2019

Via here. Where you can find more.

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