Shipwright. 29.07.2020

A collection of download & make fortresses, lighthouses, daymarkers! It’s niche but nice.


Digital StillCamera

pl31-peninnis-lighthouse-pic1 px90-iso-containers-pic2 pl99-lanby-pic1

Henna. 23.07.2020

This is a great project, using henna to create graphic patterns. A modern take on an ancient tradition. By Azra Khamissahenna1 henna2 henna3 henna4 henna5


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Index of Window Sounds 22.07.2020

A beautiful project of animated paper windows, and their noises.

window5 window4 window2 window1

Hue love it. 16.07.2020

A fantastic collection of old paint charts, catalogues and home colour books. 

colour8 colour7colour6 colour5 colour4 colour3 colour1colour11colour10colour9

P&C X Arjowiggins. 09.07.2020

Part 1 in an ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins. Celebrating their papers & our stationery, and the colourful possibilities.


Colour Determiner, 1948. 01.07.2020

Via here.

cd1 cd2 cd3

Milton Glaser (1929-2020)

Colour Fuses, 1975. All pics from here. 

mg1 mg2 mg3

Love. 08.06.2020

Tiny synthesizers from the brilliant Love Hulton. The colours!

love1 love2 love3

PC World. 27.05.2020

Old computers to print, cut out & make. Lockdown crafting for nerds! All by Rocky Bergen.

Apple+-+Lisa+1 Apple+Macintosh+128K+ModelIBM-5100-Front-v003 front-oregon-trail-alt C64_Mini_Computer_Papercraft-Basic-2 IBM+5150+Personal+Computer IMSAI+8080-+Model

Suzie Winsor. 19.05.2020

Suzie’s graphic illustrations pack a happy punch. More here.

sw4 sw1 sw3 sw2

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