The Methods of Science (1965) 25.06.2019

Via the brilliant Canada Modern


Happy Summer Solstice. 21.06.2019

Scans from ‘What makes a Shadow?’ 1962.


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Scans from How to Draw with Spirograph; 1967 14.05.2019

Match made in heaven.

This morning we found an incredible collection of Japanese & Chinese matchbox labels. Spread over four books. Allow each pdf to load.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4


Built to last. 08.05.2019

A new book of architectural logos from around the world.


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Form & Zweck.

The full archive of this East German design magazine is right here. Thanks Design is Fine.

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Cymatics. 02.05.2019

Cymatics are the study of wave patterns. This book from 1797 has many diagrams of the phenomena. Thank you Monoskop.

1920px-Chladni_1787_Entdeckungen_Table_3 1920px-Chladni_1787_Entdeckungen_Table_8 Chladni_1830_Akustik_Table_9 Chladni_1830_Akustik_Table_8 Chladni_1787_Entdeckungen_Table_2 Chladni_1787_Entdeckungen_Table_4 Chladni_1787_Entdeckungen_Table_5 Chladni_1787_Entdeckungen_Table_10 Chladni_1830_Akustik_Table_4 Chladni_1830_Akustik_Table_6 Chladni_1830_Akustik_Table_7 Chladni_1830_Akustik_Table_8-1

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Why we all love stationery shops.

A little essay in the new Monocle book on retail.


The Frist Mover Series. 17.04.2019

A text book series from designer Shao Nin. More here. 

--1 --2 --50 D4RcM0BXkAAtPeV Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 15.00.34 Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 15.00.39 yitui-05

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Alfabeto Pittorico. 12.04.2019

From 1753 an alphabet of fictional architecture. Full book here. 

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