Stitch up. 13.05.2020

Published in 1966. Lettering for Stitchers by Elsie Svennas. Scans by us.

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Play time. 05.05.2020

A catalogue of Soviet toys. Found by googling.

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New Crest Designs (1825) 17.04.2020

View the full book here. crest5crest4

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Korea goals. 16.04.2020

A new book & Instagram account of North Korean hotels. The interiors! All photos by Nicole Reed.

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Draw 10.04.2020

This old French drawing book will teach you how to sketch all the animals.

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Bathroom Palettes, 1940. 26.03.2020


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Heaven scent. 05.03.2020

The 15 compounds that make up the smell of old books.


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Scans from a German maths book. 02.03.2020

For other scans from maths books you can go here, herehere & here.


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Playgrounds of Mexico. 24.02.2020

A new book celebrating the old playgrounds of Mexico. Written by Aldo Solano Rojas , who also has an incredible Tumblr. The book is available in the MOMA Book Store, NY. Also at Casa Tomada & Exit La Libreria.



Face book. 06.01.2020

A new book of 31 happy masks, playing with colour and pattern.

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