“Le calcul au cours élémentaire” (1959) 05.08.2018

French for ‘this maths book is lovely’. Source.

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Cover star.

Book covers by Pino Tovaglia, mid 1970s. Via. 


Take out. 19.07.2018

A book of hundreds of coffee take out lids. The variety in every day, throw away items is a source of fascination. Ecologically dubious, aesthetically interesting.


Overprinting of three strengths of colours, 1940. 18.07.2018


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By the sword. 10.07.2018

Two delightful books from the 1850s, outlining designs of Samurai banners & coats.

Banners / Coats

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“Le calcul au cours élémentaire” (1959) 29.06.2018

From here.

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Subway. 18.05.2018

Unrealised subway maps for Washington DC.

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Wagashi. 09.05.2018

Three Edo period books of designs for wagashi (Japanese sweets).

Book 1   Book 2   Book 3  

wag14 wag15 wag16 wag17 wag18 wag19 wag20 wag21 wag22 wag23

Labels. 10.04.2018

An old label printers sample book, found recently and loved instantly.

Kodomo No Kuni. 27.03.2018

A children’s picture magazine published in Japan 1922-44. We just found a site with a full archive, over 9000 images.

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