Moderneast. 09.08.2017

Modernist architecture from the Middle East, a Tumblr.

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Trunk. 08.08.2017

A new hotel in Tokyo with an excellent shop, designed by Torafu.

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Creche Ropponmatsu. 01.08.2017

A Japanese children’s day centre which is a riot of colour & pattern.

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Shop House. 14.07.2017

Singapore ‘shophouses’ are a riot of saturated colour & intricate decoration. This Instagram account is a nice place to see them.



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Modern Soviet.

An excellent Tumblr collecting Soviet roadside sculptures & town signage. See also.tumblr_ome4gyb9aZ1w6s9qyo1_1280





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Park Life. 29.06.2017

A very attractive new series of iconic car park posters from our friends at Brutal House. Contact them on if you would like to buy!

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Play time. 28.06.2017

An incredible Tumblr of Japanese playground equipment. Also a book. We found these by searching 遊具 on Instagram & Tumblr.

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On reflection. 25.06.2017

City reflections, a growing series.

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Shhh. 15.06.2017

Beautiful libraries of the world, by Thibaud Poirier.

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Tower power. 14.06.2017

A new Instagram account which posts the tops of Japanese water towers. Yes please!

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