Need. 12.02.2022


Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Harriet Mena Hill. 10.02.2022

Harriet paints elements of stairwells, housing estates & tower blocks onto concrete remnants.

Dolls Houses, 1983. 02.02.2022

In 1983 Architecutral Design Magazine launched a competition to for architects to design a doll house. This book features 135 of them, we have scanned our favourites. Click each image for a link to the designer.

Holding court. 26.01.2022

A series of 400+ courtyards from Budapest. Many more here.

Brick tease. 21.09.2021

From 1878 a beautiful book of brick patterns, published in France by architect J Lacroux.

Trunk call.

An Instagram account of Taiwan’s elephant slides! You need it.

Sofa, so good. 25.08.2021

Russian tinned fish/caviar sofas. You’re welcome. (Thanks Ron!)

High lines. 20.07.2021

Train cable sun sets by Fabrik View. Unmistakably Japan. This hashtag will bring you more cable skies.

Cats of Brutalism. 07.06.2021

Cats & hardcore concrete, you can’t go wrong.

Tokyo Nude. 17.05.2021

Tokyo, minus all signs, cables etc. Beautiful work by Rumi Ando.