Supra duper. 21.05.2021

Supraphon is a Czech record label, which was founded in 1932. This old Tumblr has a very good collection of their sleeves.

Calciyummy. 11.05.2021

This Instagram account collects the new milk cartons of Japan. Lots of great graphics!

Brick tease. 09.05.2021

An ornamental brick catalogue, in full. 1904

Net gains. 08.04.2021

This Portuguese fish tin museum is incredible. Hundreds of labels, amazing typography.

Soviet Light Switches. 07.04.2021

Incredible! Via Troy Litten.

Eberhard Faber 1915 28.03.2021

A wondrous catalogue from the pencil company Eberhard Faber. All images from Swann.

M35848-12_6 001

Green. 20.03.2021

For St Patrick.

Glass act. 28.02.2021

A fantastic collection of old glass brick catalogues.

Tape that. 27.02.2021

A collection of vintage Japanese boom boxes. All from this book.

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LCD sound systems. 15.02.2021

The best online museum of old LCD handheld games. Colour, graphic, interface joy.

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