Paper mate. 11.11.2016

A trolley designed for paper. Yes please!

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Door handle nirvana. 04.11.2016


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Categories: Furniture etc.

Graphic time. 18.10.2016

Abstract clocks from the brilliant Raw Color.

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Cat Bricks. 17.10.2016

From here.

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Ulm Model. 08.10.2016

The new show at Raven Row, one of our favourite galleries, celebrates the Ulm School of Design. Plenty of Dieter Rams & his contemporaries on show. So much to see!

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Spooning. 24.09.2016

A spoon a day in 2014, how did we miss this excellent project! 365 brilliant models here.

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Lonely Chairs. 08.09.2016

An Instagram account dedicated to the lonely chairs of Barcelona.


Spinning around. 17.08.2016

All taken from a catalogue for an exhibition currently on in Tokyo. This was the next best thing to going in person. Check out these boom boxes too.d r1144
r2146 r2147 r2148 r2149 r2150 r2151 r2152 r2153 r2154 r2155 r2156
r2158 r2159 r2160 r2161 r2162 r2163 r2164 r2165 r2166 r2167 r2168 r2169 r2170 r2171 r2172 r2173 r2174 r2175 r2176 r2177 r2179 r2180 r2181
r2184 r2185

Hot dates.


Prick. 26.07.2016

Londons’s 1st cactus shop is open. Check out Conservatory Archives too.


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