Animal Families, 1940s. 15.02.2022

Purchased & scanned by us.

Play to wing. 09.02.2022

A series of 50 bird prints, made using Lego. Amazing work from Roy Scholten.

Categories: Art & craft. Graphics.

Math hysteria. 27.01.2022

Over 300 old calculator manuals. Enjoy.

Back to School. 1956 19.09.2021

An incredible Soviet era catalogue of school supplies. More here.

Tape expectations. 27.07.2021

An incredible collection of old Japanese cassette tapes, and their accoutrement.

Emojional. 17.07.2021

Happy Emoji Day! The first set of emojis was designed by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999, and here they are.

Categories: Graphics.

Eberhard Faber (1963) 13.07.2021

Purchased & scanned by us. Shop our new & vintage erasers here.

Match point. 09.07.2021

Thomas Wachholz paints giant matchbooks, based on vintage designs but often with type removed.

Categories: Art & craft. Graphics.

Supra duper. 21.05.2021

Supraphon is a Czech record label, which was founded in 1932. This old Tumblr has a very good collection of their sleeves.

Apple Ad, 1987. 19.05.2021

Scanned by Palm & Laser.