Easy lait. 18.02.2020

This website is a little museum of old Japanese milk bottles & milk paraphernalia. See also: milk caps from Japan & milk storage boxes.


RakuouPrd-S53 Snow-prd-s44


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Monday Ephemera. 17.02.2020

Weekday matches, 1972.


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Boxes of delights. 11.02.2020

Produce boxes of the world. A brilliant Instagram account.

box1 box3 box2

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Head masters. 27.01.2020

Japanese train ‘head marks’. Found via googling & then on this auction site.

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National Pie Day. 23.01.2020

Many more of these incredible pies right here.

pie1 pie2pie3 pie4

Ace. 22.01.2020

New playing cards by Trüf.


messymod-jack-of-spades-2 messymod-joker

messymod-queen-of-clubs messymod-ace-of-spades

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Sign Posts. 17.01.2020

You can explore all the nice signs we have spotted over the years, right here.

sign1 sign2

Face book. 06.01.2020

A new book of 31 happy masks, playing with colour and pattern.

faceform2 faceform3 faceform5

Brick Bonds. 04.01.2020

A book of traditional brick patterns, need. By Melissa Price.

brick1 brick2 brick3

Scout Post. 13.12.2019

Delightful monthly stamp sets from the excellent Scout Editions. 

scout_august_set_LR scout_december_set_LR scout_october_set_LR