Eberhard Faber 1915 28.03.2021

A wondrous catalogue from the pencil company Eberhard Faber. All images from Swann.

M35848-12_6 001

Tape that. 27.02.2021

A collection of vintage Japanese boom boxes. All from this book.

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Wrap stars. 19.01.2021

An out of budget book filled with 560 old Japanese candy wrappers. Very nice via 50 Watts.

Coloriages, 1942. 03.07.2020

Found in Lille a couple of years ago, scanned by us.

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Play time. 05.05.2020

A catalogue of Soviet toys. Found by googling.

toy2 toy1

Burn. 28.04.2020

Japanese fire extinguisher markers. Each area had it’s own marker, signifying where an extinguisher could be found. Read more here.  If you search 江戸の町火消 と 纏 on google you will find many more visuals.

fire2 fire1

N&B Block 09.03.2020

Before video games Nintendo dabbled with all manner of toys. Notably, N&B Blocks – designed to be a competitor to Lego. Big round up here. Amazing.

blcok6 block1block2block3block4 block5

Console Logos. 14.11.2019

Over 90 more here!


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PRL. 15.10.2019

The packaging of the Peoples Republic of Poland.

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Dentaku 06.08.2019

Sometimes you just need a Japanese calculator museum. Models, ads, instructions, yes.

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