Céramiques de la Lys (1940s) 04.09.2018

Found by us, scanned by us. We have a very small number in stock.

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Post truth. 02.09.2018

Mailboxes in London & Glasgow.


Paul Rand. 19.08.2018

An incredible auction of Paul Rand work, and some of his belongings.

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“Le calcul au cours élémentaire” (1959) 05.08.2018

French for ‘this maths book is lovely’. Source.

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Portion of chips. 01.08.2018

‘We love microchips, that’s why we boil them in acid’. What a tagline, what a blog! The colours are something else.ST-UA741 mikron-16m-90nm

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Eraser pattern sampler vii. 22.07.2018


Overprinting of three strengths of colours, 1940. 18.07.2018


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By the sword. 10.07.2018

Two delightful books from the 1850s, outlining designs of Samurai banners & coats.

Banners / Coats

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Thread end. 29.06.2018

Cecilia Charlton stole our heart at this years RCA end of year show.

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Chair necessities. 08.06.2018