Toast. 25.05.2015

We all need a toast bag in our lives.

Pie Box 07.12.2014

Anything designed to make pie carrying easier is fine by us.

Categories: Edibles Things to own.

Wow. 01.08.2014

This has just come on the market in Dungeness. INCREDIBLE!

Prints Charming. 23.07.2014

Two new prints on the shelves. Extrusions & Pen Pot.

Roll with it. 22.12.2013

In love with this wall mounted paper roll  holder. By Kiwi firm George & Willy.

Fantasy Christmas List. 28.11.2013

An Alexander Gerard swatch archive. Here.

Pin up. 18.11.2013

Wear your love of stationery with pride. New enamel envelope pins on the shelves & in store.

Good Fortune. 15.11.2013

The fortune cookie purse is a thing of excellence.

Categories: Things to own.

Alphabet necklace. 04.10.2013


Marc Monzo. 30.08.2013

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