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The biscuit card!!


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Sylvie Fleury.

Sylvie paints giant make up sets, and we love them.

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Signs of the time.

Old French sign designs, full book here.

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Stationery Studies.


Soviet Logo. 24.07.2019

360 Soviet logos in a book.


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And Smile.

In a chaotic world Viktorija’s work & charming characters always makes us smile.

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Mon Premier Cahier de Dessin (1930) 18.07.2019

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The Drawing Room

A beautiful project where colours and overlaying shapes reflect sun & moon movement.

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Door blimey. 12.07.2019

The old doors of Qatar are beautiful. More here. 

door1 door2 door3 door4 door5 door6 door7 door8

Neat. 11.07.2019

New work from our hero Michael Johansson.

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