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Graph Paper Catalogue, 1958. 07.09.2022

Purchased & scanned by us. We sell mixed packs of vintage graph paper right here.

Read all about it. 06.09.2022

100 newsstand kiosks from around the world, a great project by Trevor Traynor.

Dogs dinner. 26.08.2022

Dog sushi & noodles. A life essential. Made by the amazing Siba Table.

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Board games, 1967. 25.08.2022

Found/photographed by us. Available here.

Tokyoids. 23.08.2022

A new book of robot faces in Tokyo’s architecture. You can pre-order it here.

Spot on. 19.08.2022

Colour charts by David Batchelor.

David Batchelor
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All colours are back.. but be quick!

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Eliza Bentz.

Eliza’s woven structures are inspired by shapes from the Latin language.

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Notebook of living.

Since 1948 Kurashi No Techo has been issuing their lifestyle magazine, and the cover archive is a real dream.