Back to School. 1956 19.09.2021

An incredible Soviet era catalogue of school supplies. More here.

Sofa, so good. 25.08.2021

Russian tinned fish/caviar sofas. You’re welcome. (Thanks Ron!)

Polyphonic spree. 24.08.2021

Melbourne’s Electronic Sound Studio has a fantastic collection of synths & other electronic instruments. Crisply shot & lots to see.

New. 27.07.2021

Melamine trays, in two sizes. Graph paper posters (1960s originals).

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Tape expectations.

An incredible collection of old Japanese cassette tapes, and their accoutrement.

High lines. 20.07.2021

Train cable sun sets by Fabrik View. Unmistakably Japan. This hashtag will bring you more cable skies.

Emojional. 17.07.2021

Happy Emoji Day! The first set of emojis was designed by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999, and here they are.

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Mr Rafieh’s Pencil Shop, Tehran. 13.07.2021

An incredible pencil shop in Tehran’s indoor market. Click here for a video tour. Click each image for link to source.

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Eberhard Faber (1963)

Purchased & scanned by us. Shop our new & vintage erasers here.

Match point. 09.07.2021

Thomas Wachholz paints giant matchbooks, based on vintage designs but often with type removed.

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