Just some amazing crayons. 18.11.2020

Online now at P&C.

Par Avion.

A typology of old airmail labels. All from here.

Choc star. 05.11.2020

Our new chocolate bar, made with Ocelot, is inspired by pencils. It is flavoured with cedar, pine & scattered with roasted nibs.

Ghost cakes. 29.10.2020

We used this recipe but baked them in dariole moulds. Top with a thick icing and make eyes from black fondant.

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Apple Clip, 1990s. 26.10.2020

Categories: Stationery

Old Bulgarian Postmarks 24.10.2020

Are off the scale cute. From Socmus.

Ukiyo. 22.10.2020

This huge database of Japanese woodblock prints is a perfect weekend viewing platform.

Kitao Masayoshi (1764-1824)

The most charming book of animal paintings. Minimal but full of life. See it all here. Via Things Magazine.

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Guitar Cake Color. 21.10.2020

Available online or in store.

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Bath hysteria. 20.10.2020

A website exploring the bath houses of Japan, in all their wonderful pastel glory. All work by Stephanie Crohin.

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