Yoon Hyup. 12.05.2021

Yoon’s paintings of cities at night time are very clever indeed. You might also enjoy these ones made out of stickers!

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The aerial geometry and colours of Singapore’s communal dining areas. By Jonathan Tan. Super nice! Via Creative Boom

Food group. 11.05.2021

All by Annie Collinge.


This Instagram account collects the new milk cartons of Japan. Lots of great graphics!

Bog standard. 10.05.2021

A new book documenting the toilets of the Alps. Incredible.

A fine mesh. 09.05.2021

A new installation by Rana Begum at Kate MacGarry. It’s free to view and truly lovely.

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Power up.

Vintage charts of nuclear power stations. Lots more here. Niche, but nice.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Contain yourself.

Boxes are back! We ship worldwide.

Stationery Logos, 1960s

For a listing of the designers click the image.

Categories: Graphics. Stationery

Brick tease.

An ornamental brick catalogue, in full. 1904