Just some amazing crayons. 18.11.2020

Online now at P&C.

Ukiyo. 22.10.2020

This huge database of Japanese woodblock prints is a perfect weekend viewing platform.

Kitao Masayoshi (1764-1824)

The most charming book of animal paintings. Minimal but full of life. See it all here. Via Things Magazine.

Categories: Art & craft. Books

Plate expectations. 17.10.2020

From the 1960s, travelling salesmen plates which indicated glaze options for ceramic factories. Click each image for source.

On the map. 08.10.2020

This site is incredible, hundreds of old Japanese maps.

Paper view. 24.09.2020

An ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins paper merchants, celebrating stationery and colour.

Happy Autumn! 22.09.2020

Matt Paweski. 12.09.2020

Matt’s new show at Herald St in London. Colour, shape & beautiful finishing.

Categories: Art & craft.

12 Envelopes. 05.09.2020

The newest composition in our ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins.

Pivotal. 24.08.2020

An Instagram account of centre pivot irrigation systems. Niche, but nice! Via thisisnthappiness.

Categories: Art & craft. Pattern.