Hi tech. 28.02.2021

Artem Matyushkin collected visual elements from manuals, technical drawings & graphs then compiled them into these incredible charts.

Pixel birds. 25.02.2021

Japanese common birds by Syosa.

Categories: Art & craft.

Castles of Japan (1945) 02.02.2021

A woodcut collection of Japanese castles, created by Hashimoto Oki’ie. Via the Gerhard Pulverer Collection.

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ABC Home. 25.01.2021

In 1773 Johann David Steingruber created a complete alphabet of mythical letter shaped buildings & their floorplans. The full book is here.

Free Architecture. 12.01.2021

A growing collection of photos by Adam Wiseman. It collates the ‘free architecture’ of Mexico & India. Rule bending buildings which are often colourful & complex.

Happy Christmas! 23.12.2020

Thank you for your support during this difficult year. We are now closed for our annual break. Wishing you all a happy, safe & stationery filled Christmas!

Modernistmas 2020 10.12.2020

Our annual round up of modernist gingerbread architecture. Click each image to reach the source.

Just some amazing crayons. 18.11.2020

Online now at P&C.

Ukiyo. 22.10.2020

This huge database of Japanese woodblock prints is a perfect weekend viewing platform.

Kitao Masayoshi (1764-1824)

The most charming book of animal paintings. Minimal but full of life. See it all here. Via Things Magazine.

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