Sakiko Nakano. 27.06.2017

An ongoing illustrated series of Japans iconic packaging.

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Voxarray 61.

Voxarray 61 is a modular music environment, & a tribute to iconic synthesisers from the 70’s.

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On reflection. 25.06.2017

City reflections, a growing series.

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Freeze frame. 18.06.2017

Frozen bubbles in lakes, a series by Ryota Kajita.

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Bread alert. 16.06.2017

Patterned toast via this excellent instagram account.

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Shhh. 15.06.2017

Beautiful libraries of the world, by Thibaud Poirier.

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Cream Palettes. 14.06.2017

More here.DCSH8A6XgAAsnejDCSH_F5XUAAjscG

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Pool 13.06.2017

An address book swimming pool by Jorge Macchi. Incredible! Links in pic.

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Creasing up. 09.06.2017

Even before these have been folded to create animals they are beautiful! All those lines, folds & pastel shades.  More here.

Vend it. 07.06.2017

Japan has 5.52 million vending machines. This series depicts their oddly comforting glow at night.

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