Matt Paweski. 12.09.2020

Matt’s new show at Herald St in London. Colour, shape & beautiful finishing.

Categories: Art & craft.

12 Envelopes. 05.09.2020

The newest composition in our ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins.

Pivotal. 24.08.2020

An Instagram account of centre pivot irrigation systems. Niche, but nice! Via thisisnthappiness.

Categories: Art & craft. Pattern.

Shipwright. 29.07.2020

A collection of download & make fortresses, lighthouses, daymarkers! It’s niche but nice.


Digital StillCamera

pl31-peninnis-lighthouse-pic1 px90-iso-containers-pic2 pl99-lanby-pic1

Henna. 23.07.2020

This is a great project, using henna to create graphic patterns. A modern take on an ancient tradition. By Azra Khamissahenna1 henna2 henna3 henna4 henna5


Categories: Art & craft. Pattern.

Index of Window Sounds 22.07.2020

A beautiful project of animated paper windows, and their noises.

window5 window4 window2 window1

Hue love it. 16.07.2020

A fantastic collection of old paint charts, catalogues and home colour books. 

colour8 colour7colour6 colour5 colour4 colour3 colour1colour11colour10colour9

P&C X Arjowiggins. 09.07.2020

Part 1 in an ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins. Celebrating their papers & our stationery, and the colourful possibilities.


Colour Determiner, 1948. 01.07.2020

Via here.

cd1 cd2 cd3

Milton Glaser (1929-2020)

Colour Fuses, 1975. All pics from here. 

mg1 mg2 mg3