Ikebana. 12.03.2021

The Japanese art of flower arranging, taken from this 1960 book. Pics from Sight Unseen.

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World Book Day. 04.03.2021

Mary Ellen Bartley’s medium of choice is books, stacked in beautiful, satisfying layers.

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Castles of Japan (1945) 02.02.2021

A woodcut collection of Japanese castles, created by Hashimoto Oki’ie. Via the Gerhard Pulverer Collection.

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Ukiyo. 22.10.2020

This huge database of Japanese woodblock prints is a perfect weekend viewing platform.

Kitao Masayoshi (1764-1824)

The most charming book of animal paintings. Minimal but full of life. See it all here. Via Things Magazine.

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On the map. 08.10.2020

This site is incredible, hundreds of old Japanese maps.

Leisure Time Homes of Fir Ply (1958) 02.10.2020

You can find the full book here.

Trademarks & Symbols Vol. 1 (1973) 12.09.2020

A legendary design book, often very expensive, being scanned online here.

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Form und Farbe (1974) 05.09.2020

Found at a flea market last year, finally scanned in. Published in the GDR, 1974.

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Hue love it. 16.07.2020

A fantastic collection of old paint charts, catalogues and home colour books. 

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