Math hysteria. 27.01.2022

Over 300 old calculator manuals. Enjoy.

Holding court. 26.01.2022

A series of 400+ courtyards from Budapest. Many more here.

Brick tease. 21.09.2021

From 1878 a beautiful book of brick patterns, published in France by architect J Lacroux.

Back to School. 1956 19.09.2021

An incredible Soviet era catalogue of school supplies. More here.

Make waves. 19.06.2021

Three incredible books, in full, from 1903. Japanese wave motifs, designs & sketches.

Bog standard. 10.05.2021

A new book documenting the toilets of the Alps. Incredible.

Brick tease. 09.05.2021

An ornamental brick catalogue, in full. 1904

Ikebana. 12.03.2021

The Japanese art of flower arranging, taken from this 1960 book. Pics from Sight Unseen.

Categories: Art & craft. Books

World Book Day. 04.03.2021

Mary Ellen Bartley’s medium of choice is books, stacked in beautiful, satisfying layers.

Categories: Art & craft. Books

Castles of Japan (1945) 02.02.2021

A woodcut collection of Japanese castles, created by Hashimoto Oki’ie. Via the Gerhard Pulverer Collection.

Categories: Art & craft. Books