Read all about it. 06.09.2022

100 newsstand kiosks from around the world, a great project by Trevor Traynor.

Tokyoids. 23.08.2022

A new book of robot faces in Tokyo’s architecture. You can pre-order it here.

A 1970s stationery catalogue. 22.07.2022

Found at a flea market the other week. Best 2 euro ever spent.

Skate expectations. 01.07.2022

The fluid concrete of skate parks, a sculptural series here.

Light box. 14.06.2022

Gridded towers by Hermes for their Milan Salone exhibit.

Testing. 15.03.2022

A TV test screen jumper / a TV test screen building.

Inn style. 07.03.2022

Over 1500 old U.S hotel postcards, in all their technicolour glory.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Socket to ’em. 20.02.2022

A museum of plugs, via the Prepared. You’re welcome.

House party. 16.02.2022

The candy pastel perfection of old Russian houses. 

hosue3 house1 house2 house4 house5 house6 house7 house8

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Paperholm. 14.02.2022

A paper town which explores architecture and colour palettes. A must follow.