Free Architecture. 12.01.2021

A growing collection of photos by Adam Wiseman. It collates the ‘free architecture’ of Mexico & India. Rule bending buildings which are often colourful & complex.

Bath hysteria. 20.10.2020

A website exploring the bath houses of Japan, in all their wonderful pastel glory. All work by Stephanie Crohin.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Plate expectations. 17.10.2020

From the 1960s, travelling salesmen plates which indicated glaze options for ceramic factories. Click each image for source.

Leisure Time Homes of Fir Ply (1958) 02.10.2020

You can find the full book here.

Light years. 13.08.2020

Hong Kong neon in the 1970s/80s. Part of this brilliant archive from the era. Photos by Keith Macgregor.

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Shipwright. 29.07.2020

A collection of download & make fortresses, lighthouses, daymarkers! It’s niche but nice.


Digital StillCamera

pl31-peninnis-lighthouse-pic1 px90-iso-containers-pic2 pl99-lanby-pic1

Index of Window Sounds 22.07.2020

A beautiful project of animated paper windows, and their noises.

window5 window4 window2 window1

Screen time. 17.07.2020

Via Hole & Corner, a wonderful collection of Indian cinemas.  By Anthony Cotsifas & also Haubitz & Zoch

cine6 cine7 cine5 cine4 cine3 cine2 cine1

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Hue love it. 16.07.2020

A fantastic collection of old paint charts, catalogues and home colour books. 

colour8 colour7colour6 colour5 colour4 colour3 colour1colour11colour10colour9

Pencil Doors, N1 01.07.2020