Plate expectations. 17.10.2020

From the 1960s, travelling salesmen plates which indicated glaze options for ceramic factories. Click each image for source.

Key palette. 04.10.2020

Typology of Lego Computers. 08.06.2020

Photo by Present & Correct, please credit if you use. comp

Play time. 05.05.2020

A catalogue of Soviet toys. Found by googling.

toy2 toy1

Burn. 28.04.2020

Japanese fire extinguisher markers. Each area had it’s own marker, signifying where an extinguisher could be found. Read more here.  If you search 江戸の町火消 と 纏 on google you will find many more visuals.

fire2 fire1

The guidebook of marine debris. 05.04.2020

An ongoing interactive site showing beach clean up debris, and where it was found.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 12.44.25

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Lego lost at sea. 01.04.2020

Incredible collections of found toys, all from Lego Lost At Sea. Read more about this project here.  And follow on Instagram here. 

lego1 lego2lego3 lego4

Ephemeral. 25.02.2020


Beach Palette. 06.01.2020


Hue love it. 02.11.2019

Heidi Gustafson is a pigment collector, and her Instagram feed is a dream.