Calciyummy. 11.05.2021

This Instagram account collects the new milk cartons of Japan. Lots of great graphics!

Net gains. 08.04.2021

This Portuguese fish tin museum is incredible. Hundreds of labels, amazing typography.

Gradient Chocolate. 25.02.2021

Amazing! Made by Little Motherhouse.

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Modernistmas. 10.12.2020

Our annual round up of modernist gingerbread architecture. Click each image to reach the source.

Choc star. 05.11.2020

Our new chocolate bar, made with Ocelot, is inspired by pencils. It is flavoured with cedar, pine & scattered with roasted nibs.

Ghost cakes. 29.10.2020

We used this recipe but baked them in dariole moulds. Top with a thick icing and make eyes from black fondant.

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Omiyage. 28.07.2020

In Japan ‘omiyage’ are souvenirs, usually edible, given to coworkers after travelling. Here is a lovely interactive map of some found throughout Japan.

omi1 omi4omi3 omi2

Fruit cake. 09.07.2020

Just a cake, inside an actual melon. More here.


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Sweet Zoo. 08.06.2020

From here.

bushbaby capbarafox llama

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Slam dunk. 23.04.2020

This old Russian biscuit catalogue is exquisite. In full here.  From 1922.

4561967_original 4563846_original 4566581_original 4566516_original 4571277_original 4571522_original