Dogs dinner. 26.08.2022

Dog sushi & noodles. A life essential. Made by the amazing Siba Table.

Categories: Edibles Just because.

Typology of Coffee Makers. 11.04.2022

All from here.

Central perk. 06.04.2022

An incredible coffee machine museum, and they have a book too. Explore here or visit in real life.

Pringle Patterns. 10.03.2022

These are made by Peter Nencini & Sam Kaplan.

Personal Project – Pringles

Calciyummy. 11.05.2021

This Instagram account collects the new milk cartons of Japan. Lots of great graphics!

Net gains. 08.04.2021

This Portuguese fish tin museum is incredible. Hundreds of labels, amazing typography.

Gradient Chocolate. 25.02.2021

Amazing! Made by Little Motherhouse.

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Modernistmas. 10.12.2020

Our annual round up of modernist gingerbread architecture. Click each image to reach the source.

Choc star. 05.11.2020

Our new chocolate bar, made with Ocelot, is inspired by pencils. It is flavoured with cedar, pine & scattered with roasted nibs.

Ghost cakes. 29.10.2020

We used this recipe but baked them in dariole moulds. Top with a thick icing and make eyes from black fondant.

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