Supra duper. 21.05.2021

Supraphon is a Czech record label, which was founded in 1932. This old Tumblr has a very good collection of their sleeves.

Apple Ad, 1987. 19.05.2021

Scanned by Palm & Laser.

Calciyummy. 11.05.2021

This Instagram account collects the new milk cartons of Japan. Lots of great graphics!

Stationery Logos, 1960s 09.05.2021

For a listing of the designers click the image.

Categories: Graphics. Stationery

Test Stamp, China. (1970s) 27.04.2021

An incredible stamp, purchased & scanned by us.

Net gains. 08.04.2021

This Portuguese fish tin museum is incredible. Hundreds of labels, amazing typography.

Eberhard Faber 1915 28.03.2021

A wondrous catalogue from the pencil company Eberhard Faber. All images from Swann.

M35848-12_6 001

Hi tech. 28.02.2021

Artem Matyushkin collected visual elements from manuals, technical drawings & graphs then compiled them into these incredible charts.

Big disk energy. 01.02.2021

A great collection of graphic, floppy disk sleeves.

Categories: Graphics. Packaging.

Wrap stars. 19.01.2021

An out of budget book filled with 560 old Japanese candy wrappers. Very nice via 50 Watts.