Graph Paper Catalogue, 1958. 07.09.2022

Purchased & scanned by us. We sell mixed packs of vintage graph paper right here.

Board games, 1967. 25.08.2022

Found/photographed by us. Available here.

Notebook of living. 19.08.2022

Since 1948 Kurashi No Techo has been issuing their lifestyle magazine, and the cover archive is a real dream.

Restock. 22.07.2022

Put together by a group of Polish designers, published in Sweden. An impeccable round up of Soviet era logos. Shipping worldwide.

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Free shipping. 02.07.2022

On all vintage stamps this weekend, worldwide.

Keksdose. 27.06.2022

Old German biscuit tins. Scanned by us from the book ‘Kunst und keksdose’ published by Wienand.

Cruz Novillo, 1968. 25.05.2022

Found in Lisbon, sold out now but here’s a photo to enjoy.

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Design Text Material, 1957. 09.03.2022

A fluke internet find, this book of Japanese commercial type from 1957.

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Blåvitt, 1975. 20.02.2022


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Thoughtful. 18.02.2022

This project by Seachange for Think Packaging, Auckland. The boxes need to be available to buy!

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