Just the ticket. 02.04.2020

Another rail related post. Incredible old train tickets from Japan.  All taken from this ace twitter feed.

22 24 23

tix1 tix2 tix3 tix4 tix5 tix7 tix8 tix9 tix10 tix11 tix12 tix14 tix15 tix16tix17
tix19 tix20 tix21 tix22

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Call to arms. 31.03.2020

Illustrations for the municipal coats of arms of Italy’s provinces, designed in 1938 by Fortunato Depero. More here & here.

arms1 arms2 arms3 arms4arms5arms11 arms7 arms8arms9arms10arms12 arms13 arms6

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Bulgarian Post Marks. 29.03.2020

Are the happiest! Via socmus.

bulg1 bulg2

Mozaika. 27.03.2020

Instructions from an old felt puzzle toy.

felt6 felt5felt4 felt3 felt2 felt1

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Sud’s law. 18.03.2020

An Instagram account dedicated to old soap packaging.

soap5 soap2soap3soap4 soap1

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Analog. 17.03.2020

Our new rubber stamps celebrate marks and patterns from postal ephemera, forms, flash cards & more.


N&B Block 09.03.2020

Before video games Nintendo dabbled with all manner of toys. Notably, N&B Blocks – designed to be a competitor to Lego. Big round up here. Amazing.

blcok6 block1block2block3block4 block5

Ticket Spectrum. 02.03.2020


Scans from a German maths book.

For other scans from maths books you can go here, herehere & here.


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Get stuck in. 28.02.2020

A collection of old Japanese gum wrappers, scanned from a book published by Pie Books. No longer in print.