Mining Spectrum. 08.09.2017

Via Brickshelf.


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Preschool Pocket. 31.08.2017

Documenting the contents of a 3 year olds pockets.



Pattern Cards for Small Mosaics (1971) 15.08.2017

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Play time. 28.06.2017

An incredible Tumblr of Japanese playground equipment. Also a book. We found these by searching 遊具 on Instagram & Tumblr.

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Half cut. 20.06.2017

Old Israeli cut out & make animals, 1970s. Lovely.

cover dog ele giraffe lion monkey tiger zebra

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Beary nice. 14.05.2017

Delightful animal bags from our friends at Molly Meg.

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Lego Tape. 14.03.2017

Adhesive tape which is Lego compatible. Amazing!!


Bag it up. 21.02.2017

New from Honey & Toast, dreamy nude & monochrome satchels.

691e19_97508e6fdca8433e8d3aa10a95240e36~mv2_d_2504_2504_s_4_2 bag2

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Kuum on. 15.02.2017

Kuum is a building block system for kids, or adults.

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Scans from How to Draw with Spirograph; 1967 02.02.2017