Soap stars. 14.03.2019

Vintage hotel shapes, miniature canvases for excellent typography. Big collection here.

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Holy smoke (ii) 12.03.2019

A great site of old Japanese cigarette packets. For more cigarette packets click here & here .

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Cheesey feat. 10.01.2019

A flickr collection of old cheese spread labels.


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Cigarros do Brasil. 21.11.2018

An Instagram account collecting old cigarette packets from Brazil. 
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Loaf goals. 26.10.2018

An Instagram feed of Japanese bread packaging.

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Live well for less. 12.10.2018

The Sainsburys packaging archive is now online, if you can’t afford that book .

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Tinspiration. 02.09.2018

Recent finds. 


McDonalds Packaging Suite. 25.08.2018

(1955, 1961, 1970, 1990)


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Paul Rand. 19.08.2018

An incredible auction of Paul Rand work, and some of his belongings.

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Take out. 19.07.2018

A book of hundreds of coffee take out lids. The variety in every day, throw away items is a source of fascination. Ecologically dubious, aesthetically interesting.