Keksdose. 27.06.2022

Old German biscuit tins. Scanned by us from the book ‘Kunst und keksdose’ published by Wienand.

Cruz Novillo, 1968. 25.05.2022

Found in Lisbon, sold out now but here’s a photo to enjoy.

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Typology of German Pharmaceuticals. 21.04.2022

All photos by us, taken at the weekend flea market. The items themselves belong to Troedel Mueller.

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Blåvitt, 1975. 20.02.2022


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Thoughtful. 18.02.2022

This project by Seachange for Think Packaging, Auckland. The boxes need to be available to buy!

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Tape expectations. 27.07.2021

An incredible collection of old Japanese cassette tapes, and their accoutrement.

Supra duper. 21.05.2021

Supraphon is a Czech record label, which was founded in 1932. This old Tumblr has a very good collection of their sleeves.

Calciyummy. 11.05.2021

This Instagram account collects the new milk cartons of Japan. Lots of great graphics!

Net gains. 08.04.2021

This Portuguese fish tin museum is incredible. Hundreds of labels, amazing typography.

Viarco. 28.03.2021

We’ve had a restock of Viarco classics. Great pencils, great packaging.