Test Stamp, China. (1970s) 27.04.2021

An incredible stamp, purchased & scanned by us.

Hi tech. 28.02.2021

Artem Matyushkin collected visual elements from manuals, technical drawings & graphs then compiled them into these incredible charts.

Wrap stars. 19.01.2021

An out of budget book filled with 560 old Japanese candy wrappers. Very nice via 50 Watts.

German Ornament Catalogue, 1936. 02.12.2020



Plate expectations. 17.10.2020

From the 1960s, travelling salesmen plates which indicated glaze options for ceramic factories. Click each image for source.

Paper view. 24.09.2020

An ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins paper merchants, celebrating stationery and colour.

12 Envelopes. 05.09.2020

The newest composition in our ongoing collaboration with Arjowiggins.

Pivotal. 24.08.2020

An Instagram account of centre pivot irrigation systems. Niche, but nice! Via thisisnthappiness.

Categories: Art & craft. Pattern.

Henna. 23.07.2020

This is a great project, using henna to create graphic patterns. A modern take on an ancient tradition. By Azra Khamissahenna1 henna2 henna3 henna4 henna5


Categories: Art & craft. Pattern.

Céramiques de la Lys (1940s) 12.07.2020

Found by us, scanned by us.

tiles1 tiles2 tiles3 tiles4 tiles5 tiles6 tiles7 tiles8 tiles9 tiles10 tiles11 tiles12 tiles13 tiles14 tiles15 tiles16 tiles17 tiles18