Tweet yourself. 11.02.2022

Bulgarian bird stamps from 1964, shipping worldwide.

Record breakers. 29.04.2021

In 1973 Bhutan issued postage stamps which are tiny records, that you can play. The music was predominantly traditional folk songs. Incredible! Click each image to be taken to the source. And for more info click here.

Found via Patricia on Twitter.

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Test Stamp, China. (1970s) 27.04.2021

An incredible stamp, purchased & scanned by us.

Par Avion. 18.11.2020

A typology of old airmail labels. All from here.

Old Bulgarian Postmarks 24.10.2020

Are off the scale cute. From Socmus.

Pencil Stamps. 05.09.2020

OMG. Now online at P&C.

We ❤️ stationery 28.07.2020

Our new cards, made with Scout Editions, celebrate all the things we love. Labels, paint sets, erasers, pens, pencils, envelopes! 


Monday Mood Enhancer. 15.06.2020

Bulgaria, 1965.


Bulgarian Post Marks. 29.03.2020

Are the happiest! Via socmus.

bulg1 bulg2

Scout Post. 13.12.2019

Delightful monthly stamp sets from the excellent Scout Editions. 

scout_august_set_LR scout_december_set_LR scout_october_set_LR