Scans from a German maths book. 02.03.2020

For other scans from maths books you can go here, here, here & here.


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Scans from an Estonian Maths Book. 25.02.2016

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Cover stars. 12.09.2012

This morning we fell  into a black hole of old Russian maths books. You can see even more here, and this is our selection of favourites. For maths books from our collection click here.

Number Book 1 (1964). 30.08.2012

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Tere Matemaatika (1975).

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Count & See. 23.08.2012

A new book at P&C. Recently reissued it is a big, bold, graphic counting aid. Cracking photography and some lovely numbers.

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Numasets; 1966 07.08.2012

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Mathematik. 30.05.2012

A better look at these 80s German maths book. The contents are far less exciting, which is ok because the covers are ruddy marvellous.

Scans from a French Maths Book. 16.02.2012

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Do the maths. 12.01.2012

Found at 6th Ave flea in NY a few years back. Still enjoying the cover to this very day. It’s yuck inside.


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