Sample. 30.04.2015

A marble sample book via Cooper Hewitt.

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Tin & Ed.

Building materials by Tin & Ed.

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Now in stock.


Free Blackwing!

Just enter the code ‘WRITEON!’ at checkout. A little Stationery Week gift.


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Control freak. 29.04.2015

A Flickr group dedicated to control rooms in industrial facilities. What more could you ask for?

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Happy Stationery Week! 27.04.2015

Giveaways over on Instagram & Twitter this week, in celebration.

Derek Root. 26.04.2015

Great name, great paintings.



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Victoria Amazonica.

Leaf of the week, and probably, somewhere, a fabulous drag queen.

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New. 23.04.2015

Envelope sets arranged by colour. Each pack has 7 envelopes of different sizes, and 10 seals to seal them with. And free shipping everywhere!

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100s of super graphic navy flags.