Big disk energy. 01.02.2021

A great collection of graphic, floppy disk sleeves.

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Wrap stars. 19.01.2021

An out of budget book filled with 560 old Japanese candy wrappers. Very nice via 50 Watts.

Doos vers. 01.10.2020

If you enjoyed the Swiss collection of packaging then here are their Dutch cousins. 1000s more here

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Conran. 13.09.2020

‘The designers job is to imagine the world not how it is but how it should be’ — Terence Conran RIP. All bags via Cooper Hewitt.

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Ekiben. 18.08.2020

Ekiben are train station bento boxes, which you can find in most large railways stations in Japan. They are always delicious and such good value! Here is a collection of old Ekiben wrappers. 

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Omiyage. 28.07.2020

In Japan ‘omiyage’ are souvenirs, usually edible, given to coworkers after travelling. Here is a lovely interactive map of some found throughout Japan.

omi1 omi4omi3 omi2

Morinaga. 18.06.2020

A timeline of packaging from Japanese confectionary company Morinaga. More here.

list_059 list_072list_073list_074list_077 list_080 list_107 list_091list_103list_118

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Askul. 08.06.2020

Beautiful packaging for Japanese store Askul.


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Slam dunk. 23.04.2020

This old Russian biscuit catalogue is exquisite. In full here.  From 1922.

4561967_original 4563846_original 4566581_original 4566516_original 4571277_original 4571522_original

Box Set. 01.04.2020

A brilliant collection of old Soviet packaging & ephemera. Follow!

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