Omiyage. 28.07.2020

In Japan ‘omiyage’ are souvenirs, usually edible, given to coworkers after travelling. Here is a lovely interactive map of some found throughout Japan.

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Morinaga. 18.06.2020

A timeline of packaging from Japanese confectionary company Morinaga. More here.

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Askul. 08.06.2020

Beautiful packaging for Japanese store Askul.


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Slam dunk. 23.04.2020

This old Russian biscuit catalogue is exquisite. In full here.  From 1922.

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Box Set. 01.04.2020

A brilliant collection of old Soviet packaging & ephemera. Follow!

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Sud’s law. 18.03.2020

An Instagram account dedicated to old soap packaging.

soap5 soap2soap3soap4 soap1

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Get stuck in. 28.02.2020

A collection of old Japanese gum wrappers, scanned from a book published by Pie Books. No longer in print.


Biscuits, 1932. 25.02.2020

German biscuit packaging from 1932. NICE

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Easy lait. 18.02.2020

This website is a little museum of old Japanese milk bottles & milk paraphernalia. See also: milk caps from Japan & milk storage boxes.


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Monday Ephemera. 17.02.2020

Weekday matches, 1972.


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