Lead the way. 25.09.2012

Via Pencil Revolution.

Screen idol.

A colour blocked fabric screen by.

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Frame of mind.

Mischer Traxler are too clever by far. This is their contribution to a project by fabric company Hallingdal. It makes use of wooden frames to crop their fabric in blocks of colour onto frames, seats etc.

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Cityscape, 1959. 21.09.2012

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Tomato gradient.

A reminder of summer.

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Crowning glory.

Copper crowns to be used as trays, hats, pen holders, whatever you like really. Very pleasing. Made by Strek.

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Bursting with joy.

Studio Thompson’s balloon menagerie is the best around.

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Thank you.

Today is World Gratitude Day. Thank you all!  Bags via.

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Happy Friday!

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Manifesto. 20.09.2012

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