Paper chase. 26.09.2012

980 printable paper patterns right here. via craftapalooza.

Stain power.

The stained glass windows of Frank Lloyd Wright. Images via Christies & Chicago Art Institute.

Shelf life.

By Michael Pfisterer via Im revolting.

Face off.

Cupboards with faces to brighten up the morning. Made here.

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The price is right.

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In orbit. 25.09.2012

We need one of Papa Foxtrot’s new wooden satellite models.

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Leonardo Ulian.

It’s always been hard to resist a resistor. Small, neat, stripy. Leonardo takes all of these delicate electrical components & turns them into intricate and geometric patterns.

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A collection of old Israeli needlework patterns.

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A weekend in this giant birdhouse, complete with plenty of duvets & hot water bottles, would a cosy affair indeed. Designed by Nendo, via Spoon&Tomago.


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Modern houses of the world.

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