The Colour Printer. 30.11.2012

What a wonderful splash of colour on a dark friday afternoon. See the whole book here. Thank you Letterology.

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Bonn Metallus.

On the Christmas list. Via Manufactum.

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Opening soon. 29.11.2012

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Karel Martens Letterpress.

So nice we want to cry. More here. You might also like these.

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Wars, reigning sovereigns, revolutions & the evolution of man are all very well but we’re quite happy learning about the history of paperclips.

Drawings by the wonderful Mrs Easton.

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For lots of very nice old German desks you should click here. We’ll have one of each please.


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Africa ban data. 28.11.2012

Le Creative Workshop made a series of 3D graphs/infographics. This is our favourite because we like green things.

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The vast interior spaces of modern churches. By.

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Plic Ploc.

An app based on stickers seems like a very good idea. These drawings were made by Pepillo.

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Christmas Travels. 26.11.2012

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