A Poster a Day. 27.02.2014

A little project by Alex Proba.

Categories: Graphics.

Bloc Celeste. 25.02.2014

A new jotter on the shelves which is inspired by the changing colours of the sky. Actually quite pretty.

Categories: P&C news. Stationery

Tickled pink. 24.02.2014

Gemma Tickle has made some nice geometric balloons. Solid work.

Categories: Art & craft.

Budget House. 23.02.2014

A low budget construction in Moscow by Le Atelier.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Japan. 22.02.2014

A few abstract memories from our trip last year.

Categories: Trips.

New (ii) 21.02.2014

New notebooks decorated with patterns inspired by buildings. Bricks, windows, tiles & stairs.



Categories: Art & craft.

Happy Friday!

21 nice things for the 21st February.

New. 20.02.2014

We have a small number of these fantastic old tube desk tidies, like something from the future.

Two Topped Table.

By Jean Royere.

Categories: Furniture etc.