Two Topped Table. 20.02.2014

By Jean Royere.

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Quilty Pleasures.

Stephen Sollins make quilts out of envelope security patterns, which is fine by us. via INT.


Cake GIF.

Source unknown.

Couleurs Bourgeois.

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Pastel Paper Cuts.

A book inspired by Bruno Munari’s illegible books consisting solely of layered paper in nice colours. This is the pastel edition and all images are from here.

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Do Not Disturb. 19.02.2014

From this gargantuan collection. Thanks to Obsessionistas.

A sphere lit from the top, four sides, and all their combinations – Sol Le Witt 18.02.2014

Categories: Art & craft.

John Houck.


Categories: Art & craft.


By the very good Forma & Co

Open. 17.02.2014

This week, and next, we are open Tuesday through to Saturday. 12 – 6:30. 23 Arlington Way, London EC1R

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