Stare. 31.05.2012

A remarkable staircase. Via Domus.

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A Portuguese tin.

Just found it in Peckham.

Brockhaus and Efron Enclyclopedic Dictionary.

An old Russian encyclopaedia from 1890-1907. Smashing cow. Thanks to Freaky Fauna.

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Designed by Pim Pootjes in the 1940’s. Via freak fauna.

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Hi bean.

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Watering Can of the Week. 30.05.2012


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A better look at these 80s German maths book. The contents are far less exciting, which is ok because the covers are ruddy marvellous.

On your bike.

Paperclip bike racks seem to be a jolly good idea, especially in a university! Via. You might also like these.

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Win in our tenuously themed Jubilee giveaway!

We all know The Queen likes a gin & tonic. If you can guess which of these G&Ts is real then a) you can win a prize b) we will drink it. The 1st correct winner, randomly chosen, will get a £30 voucher! The 2nd will win a party bag of stationery. For the 3rd prize you will receive a miniature bottle of gin. Post up your guess.

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